Saturday Stats

The Saturday Stats are a collection of member’s achievements when playing in the weekly Saturday competitions.  The feature statistic of this collection is the 2017 Footjoy Order of Merit in which all scores are converted to their equivalent Stableford score and the best 30 of the 41 individual events played between 05 November 2016 and 28 October 2017 are counted to determine the winner of this title. The winner will receive a pair of Footjoy golf shoes of their choice to the value of $280. A number of other ‘Statistical Categories’ are recorded and published purely for members information and bragging rights.

 Progress scores at 05 May 2017

2017 Footjoy Order of Merit: With 25 weeks of the competition year played, Peter Wheat is our mid-season leader with 755 points, narrowly ahead of Des Young on 728 and Tyson Dorsett on 699 points. However, as this competition counts only the best 30 scores for the year, watch out for those members with the highest average score per round played as members will begin to drop off their worst scores once they have played 30 rounds. Click here for the current Order of Merit Standings (at 05 May 2017)

Season’s Victories: With 25 rounds played and 3 grade winners each week meaning that there have been 75 first place prizes awarded, we have had 66 different winners this year. The odds say that about 1 in 5 members will have a win for the year which makes Wayne Hart’s 3 wins pretty special. 10 others have scored multiple wins for the year.

Prize Money: Winning a ‘Pro Pin’ comp certainly helps to push you up the leaderboard in this category. Tyson Dorsett leads the way with a total prize collection of $224.00 ahead of Jason Knights on $207.10. Forty-three members have won over $100 so far this year.

Nearest To Pins: With 25 rounds played and 4 NTP’s each round for a total of 100 chances, the straightest hitters on the Par 3s, Mark Germaine, Rhys Granger, Brien McDermott and Tony West, have managed 3 wins each. 15 other members have hit the day’s ‘best shot on the hole’ twice.

Eagles: 52 eagles have been scored so far this year with big hitting Rhys Granger leading the way with 5 whilst Tyson Dorsett, Kevin Lang, Sam Meddings, Todd Patton, Adam Ward and Des Young have had 2 brilliant holes each.

Cuts Made: You make a cut if you win a ‘Place prize’ or ‘Down the Line’ voucher, which is usually around the top 30% of the field. Peter Holland leads this category with 11 cuts made, ahead of Peter Ridgwell, Peter Weedon, Ray Walker and Des Young who have each made 10.