From the Captain’s Desk – 4 June, 2018

Committees for 2018 / 19 …

During May the Golf Section Annual Meeting and the Ladies Golf Annual Meeting were held.  Like the majority of Golf Clubs, we rely on our members to take on a wide range of responsibilities, in various committees, on behalf of fellow-members.  A brief summary of the main committees and their membership for 2018/19 follows:

Golf / Match Committee

The key roles and responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Organising and regulating competitions and their conditions (includes developing fixture)
  • Proper interpretation of Rules of Golf (including local rules)
  • Maintenance of order and conduct at GR
  • Supporting Membership growth and retention initiatives
  • Providing suggestions for course improvements and development

Committee members are:

Ray Seddon – Golf Captain

Tony West – Golf Vice-Captain

Raylene Chisholm – Ladies Golf     Captain

Bruce Bower – Seniors Golf Co-Captain

Carol Burns

Nunz Mantini

James Woite

Barbara Kelly

During the course of the year it is anticipated that additional members will assist this committee – as members of “project teams”.  Given the time constraints of everyone and the overlap of interests the sub-committee structure has been streamlined.  Hence the preference to draft members to assist based on their area of interest and time availability.

Thanks to Nathan Johnson and Sharon Moore, who decided to move to the “interchange bench” for the coming year?  We are hoping that we can draft Nathan and Sharon to assist in a couple of projects, when their time / commitments allow.

Ladies Committee

The focus of the Ladies committee is to facilitate Ladies golf by:

  • by organising competitions and their conditions; and developing the fixture
  • promoting correct interpretation of rules
  • Liaising with the Golf Committee re women’s golf issues
  • Encouraging participation in GV, Club, Interclub and bowls competitions
  • Welcoming and supporting new members….

Committee Members are:

Hazel McEwan – President

Raylene Chisholm – Captain

Alla Mayer – Vice Captain

Lyn Roos – Treasurer

Margaret Gridley – Committee

Stepping aside from last year, with our appreciation for their service, are Leoni Carswell, Carol Burns and Alice Moon.  Hopefully we will see each continue to be involved in Club events and activities.

Seniors Committee

We trust that the great work done by Bruce Bower and Neville Evans – as Co-Captains – will continue in the coming year.

The work done by them, with support from a number of our Seniors brigade, has ensured that Friday morning competitions, Seniors Pennant, the interclub challenges and other events are now “hot tickets”.  Bruce will represent the Seniors on the Golf / Match Committee.


The important work to be done to encourage and support the development of our juniors will become the direct responsibility of the Golf / Match Committee, who will focus on strategy and growth initiatives.  The development and operation of the Junior Program, including coaching / player development will become the responsibility of James Woite, and his team.


Our committee structure is in place to develop, implement and manage the golf program on behalf of the members.  We look forward to the next 12 months, and to continuing to deliver positive experiences at Gardiners Run for of all our members, their guests and visitors.

Finally, a reminder that the Chirnside Park Country Club – Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, June 27.  The meeting, at the Country Club will commence at 8:00 pm.  All members are welcome.

Until next time, good golfing…

Ray Seddon

Golf Captain