Top Dressing – Wednesday 23 January

As part of the ongoing course maintenance top dressing of the fairways and green surrounds gets completed on an annual basis.  Due to the forecast of warm dry weather it will commence on Wednesday 23rd February.  It will have minimal impact on members and guests but the following local has been drafted if you need to use it:


Temporary Local Rule – Top Dressed Area

If a ball is at rest in an area where the degree of top dressing is such that the “Sanded Areas” local rule does not provide adequate relief, the player MAY:

  • as an additional option, play a ball from a tee peg;
  • the tee peg MUST be placed not near the hole and within 1 club length of where the ball lays;
  • before lifting the ball MUST be marked;
  • once lifted, it MAY be cleaned.

Interference does not exist if the top dressing only interferes with the player’s stance.

Effective: 23rd January 2019