Dear Member

It was less than two weeks ago that we advised members of the Government directive that golf could only be played in
groups of 2 players. Unfortunately, today we need to advise of some further changes as a direct result of the 2 players
per group directive.

While there was initially some optimism that we would be able to manage through this period of restriction with minimal
impact on our members this has not been realised. We now cannot provide all members with opportunities to play,
particularly on the busier days. Last Saturday, for instance, the waiting list was as long as we have ever seen it. This
meant that a significant number of members were unable to get a game or were discouraged from booking, by the
unavailability of a time slot that suited their needs.

We are not alone in this dilemma. Most clubs are facing the same issue of demand exceeding supply and some have
already initiated measures to address the in-balance, such as:
• Limiting players to one 18-hole round per member per week
• No competition play – social only
• 9 – hole bookings only
• Or a combination of strategies.

The Board, Management and Committee have spent considerable time and effort to develop a solution for Gardiners Run
members that is equitable and fair for all members; and can be managed effectively. Effective from Monday 27th July
the following conditions will apply:
• 9-hole bookings only
• Played from 1st & 10th tees – from 7:30 am
• 2 Competitions – one for each of the 9’s played
• Reduced competition fees (and corresponding prize allocation)
• No change to existing bookings
• These conditions to apply for each day of the week
• This measure will be in place for as long as the 2-player restriction is enforced and will be guided by government

We expect that some members may be disappointed, but you will appreciate that this measure at least gives you and your
fellow members an opportunity to have some time out of isolation and in the fresh air.
If the current level of new infections in Melbourne persists or grows, we can anticipate even more comprehensive
restrictions – for the community generally and by extension golf. Let us all hope that this is not the case and we can
resume playing in groups of 4 again sooner than later.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding – we will provide further communications as we have more news on
this very volatile situation. Stay safe and well ……

Ray Seddon                               James Woite
Golf Captain                              Manager, Gardiners Run

Endorsed: Wayne Blackshaw – President