By now you should have received an email regarding the changes to our playing conditions, resulting from the tightening of restrictions in the wake of a “second wave” of COVID-19 cases in and around Melbourne.

While we can still play golf during the next 6 weeks several key conditions will be in place.  Please note that our Club will continue to work towards providing its members with an opportunity to enjoy golf, while adhering to the guidelines established by the State Government.

Specific measures for Gardiners Run are summarised below:

  1. Play will be in pairs only
    • Under no circumstances can you join groups into “fours”
    • We are required to maintain a distance of 100 metres between pairs – so take care when moving from greens to the next tee to maintain good distance
  2. All play will commence from the 1st tee, with 7-minute intervals between tee-times
  3. Practice facilities – the driving range, warm-up nets, short-game area and practice green and bunker will be closed.
  4. Members are to arrive at the course no more than 15 minutes before their tee-time – if you arrive early please remain in your car
  5. Upon completion of the round, please deposit your card and leave the property – no food or drinks can be purchased after your round.
  6. No hire equipment will be available – this includes clubs, carts, buggies, etc

Please note that these measures are required to comply with the social distancing protocols mandated by the authorities – which are extensive and complex – to protect the health and safety of members and staff; and by extension our community.  Golf clubs across the metropolitan area, including fellow clubs in our region, have each implemented similar measures in line with their specific situations.

The more positive news is:

  • We are playing golf, while others cannot pursue their sports or recreational activities
  • We will still have competitions and follow our fixture, as much as we can
  • Playing conditions now in place will continue – no change to flagsticks, bunkers, scorecards, etc
  • Takeaway food and drink can be purchased prior to your round, and after the 9th hole
  • The “booking lottery” system is working well to fairly provide members an opportunity to make bookings

I encourage all members to remain positive and to accept these restrictions in good spirit.  Again, playing with restrictions has to be better than not playing at all.  Finally, please also note that our staffing levels are also significantly restricted with key personal working on restricted hours and / or with reduced levels of compensation.


Ray Seddon                                                                 James Woite

Golf Captain                                                                  Manager, Gardiners Run