Course Care

As players we can all help show the course in its best light by adhering to simple guidelines during play.  Damage to the course can be barely noticeable and assists in ensuring you and your fellow golfers enjoy their round by completing the following:

  • Carrying and using a sand bucket at all times
  • Repairing plug marks on the greens
  • Enter and leave bunkers at their lowest access point
  • Raking out all footprints in bunker
  • Obeying directional signs, lines and hoops
  • Do not drop flagstick on the putting green as it will cause damage
  • When removing a ball players are requested not to use the head of the putter

Repairing Ball Marks

Use a specifically designed pitch mark repairer

  1. Commence at the back of the ball mark
  2. Gently push the turf inward
  3. Continue around sides
  4. Complete around the entire mark
  5. Tap down with putter to smooth surface

Bunker Care

Bunkers are deemed hazards on a golf course but all players have an expectation that they will receive a fair lie to be able to play a shot from.  Therefore, players are requested to rake all bunkers in a manner that they would expect to see when their ball first stops in them.  Staff spend many hours preparing the course for the enjoyment of golfers and players are requested to think of others.  Guidelines for bunker care are as follows: