Dress Code

The golf course, clubhouse, driving range and practise areas are subject to the dress regulations as outlined below.  It is expected that all members and guests will utilise the facilities with a neat and tidy appearance.

Neat casual and tidy attire includes a collared shirt/polo, tailored trousers/shorts and soft spike golf shoes or flat soled runners.

The following are not acceptable forms of dress:

  • Football or sporting type shorts
  • Shirts without collars (exception applies to women’s fashion shirts)
  • Track suit pants/tops or any type of gymnasium attire
  • Thongs, sandals or bare feet
  • Draw string pants or shorts
  • Clothing with excessive advertising
  • Dirty or torn clothing
  • Metal spiked shoes

Please note:  Members are at all times responsible for the attire of their guests

Guests must be informed of dress requirements in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Gardiners Run Golf Course Committee has instructed all staff to strictly enforce the above dress regulations and their judgement as to the suitability of attire shall be considered final.


The overriding principle is that all members and guests should show consideration to others at all times. This consideration includes the way you dress, interaction between fellow players, observing rules and the way you conduct yourself on and off the course.

The following tips will assist in making yours and fellow golfers day at the course more enjoyable:

  • Arriving 15 minutes prior to your tee time
  • Collect and use a sandbucket
  • Mark your ball so it is identifiable
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn to play
  • Keeping up with group in front
  • Calling groups through whilst looking for a lost ball
  • Maintaining a steady pace of play (expected round time of 4hrs & 15min)
  • Follow all cart instructions
  • Repair your pitch marks
  • Never hit until players in front are out of range

Speed of Play

To ensure an enjoyable round for everyone a round of golf should be completed in 4 hours (Stableford & Par) or 4 hours & 15 minutes for stroke play.  Players are expected to consider others and call the following group through if they fall behind the speed of play.

You can assist in the flow of play if you remember:

  • Arrive for your tee time at least 15 minutes prior
  • Consider there are other players on the course apart from yourself
  • Walking briskly between shots
  • Be ready to play as soon as it is your shot
  • Call the following group through when looking for a lost ball
  • Mark cards on next tee whilst your partners are teeing off
  • Keep practise swings to a minimum
  • Always being aware of your position in the field (directly behind the group in front)
  • Please encourage all players in your group to maintain their pace of play

Course Marshall

From time to time our staff will be patrolling the course to observe etiquette and speed of play.  If you are falling behind our staff will instruct you to pick up your pace of play which you are expected to adhere to.