Membership Details

Gardiners Run Golf Course prides itself on its friendly membership, modern facilities and providing a warm relaxing environment. Club events are run on the following days:

  • Tuesday – Women’s competition play AM only
  • Wednesday – Men and Women
  • Friday – Senior Men & Women
  • Saturday – Men & Women
  • Sunday – Men & Women

Categories of membership are as follows:

back of 2nd Seven Day Membership  Members may play every day
7th hole from behind 6th green Five Day membership  Monday to Friday golf only
back of 14th Young Member (Categories from 18 to 30)  Members in these categories are permitted to play every day. We have two categories: 18 to 25 and 26 to 30 years
back of 17th Junior Membership  Have seven-day playing rights but don’t possess any voting rights
side of 15th Cadet Membership Restrictions apply